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WV Was Just The Start

Photo Credit: WV Gazette Mail

West Virginia Teachers made their voices heard earlier this year. Now people across the country are speaking up to say they stand with teachers. 

From The Charleston Gazette-Mail :

Teachers seeking higher pay and more school funding walked out of classrooms in half a dozen states this year. Now, three national polls report that most Americans agree that educators don't earn enough. And two of the surveys found that at least half of Americans said they would pay higher taxes to raise educator salaries.

The national polls were conducted by The New York Times, The Associated Press and National Public Radio. Each found that Americans overwhelmingly believe public school teachers are underpaid.

The salary issue for teachers -- who in some states are paid so little that many have to take second and even third jobs to pay their bills - is hardly new. U.S. teachers earn less than 60 percent of what similarly educated professionals make, according to a 2017 annual report on education around the world.

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