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Wrong Carol Miller

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Charleston, WV – In a sign of just how much money is sloshing around American politics, the Political Action Committee of Vice-President Mike Pence actually sent $5000 to the wrong Carol Miller.

The Miller that got the check – a nurse in New Mexico – sent it on to the Carol Miller running for Congress in southern West Virginia. But if the West Virginia Carol Miller – a member of the House of Delegates from Cabell County – hadn’t gotten it, she might not have missed it. She has so far funded her own campaign by giving it more than $200,000, and looks ready to spend more by election day.

The campaign of the West Virginia Carol Miller did not return several messages requesting comment.

According to the liberal website Common Dreams, Pence’s Great America Committee sent the wrong Carol Miller the check late last month. The New Mexico Miller ran for Congress there a decade ago, and she describes herself as a peace and healthcare activist.

In the letter the New Mexico Miller sent to the West Virginia Miller with the money, she urges “all the Carol Millers in the US to support your opponent,” Logan County state Senator Richard Ojeda.

Ojeda could hardly be any more different from the West Virginia Miller, and that includes how they’re the raising money for their campaigns. Miller’s husband is a very wealthy car dealer, and she has gotten more than ninety percent of her money from self-funding or from other large donors. Less than two percent has come from individuals giving less than $200.

High on her donor list are law firms, car dealers and the auto dealers’ trade associations. Besides Pence’s PAC, Miller has also gotten money from several PACs that back Republican women.

Ojeda has said he is only taking money from individuals, labor unions and allied groups. More than a third of his money has come from a high number of small donors, with another quarter coming from union and Democratic PACs allied to labor. Most of his biggest contributors fit that pattern.

Ojeda, a veteran, did get $5,000 from VoteVets.org and $2500 from End Citizens United, a campaign finance reform group.

Dan Heyman has been covering West Virginia politics and policy for more than two decades. He likes dogs but has trouble keeping kudzu from swallowing everything he owns. For more of Dan's WV Strong content, click here.

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  • Kristine Abbey
    commented 2018-09-23 14:48:43 -0400
    If I were a West Virginia resident, I’d vote for Ojeda. But since I’m a Texas resident, I get the consolation of being able to vote for Beto O’Rourke — all grass-roots donations, no PACS, no dark money.