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What To Do With All Those Signs?

As the hype of the Midterm elections is beginning to die down, here's one question that may have slipped your mind. What do they do with all those signs after the election? On November 6th the mountain state was covered in yard signs from candidates for offices from U.S. Senator to County Commission and everything in between. By November 8th the election was over and (with the exception of a few stragglers) all of the signs were gone.

Sure lot of them end up in the trash, but one organization in Barbour County has found a resourceful use for these leftover campaign signs.


PHILIPPI, W.Va. - Midterm elections are over; campaign signs are coming down all over the state but all those signs don’t have to go in the trash.

New Vision Renewable Energy of Barbour County will be working with Democratic and Republican party offices to collect the signs and repurpose them.

According to New Vision, more than 250,000 signs are printed each political campaign; each sign can be used as the material for solar-powered light systems to fulfill a global need.

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