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What's The Goal Here?

It is true that West Virginia has a Budget Surplus for the first time in years. This offers our state an opportunity to re-fund programs that had been cut, or try something new to help struggling West Virginians make it in the mountain state. Instead, our leaders are again showing their loyalty to big businesses, by rolling back a tax exclusive to them.

This tax cut wouldn't put a dime back in the pockets of working West Virginians, and despite some claims, wouldn't likely lead to any job growth, but our leaders seem hell bent on re-writing the state's constitution to make things easier for big businesses. 


The governor and legislative leaders again are considering repealing the personal property tax for businesses.

But according to the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy, it's unlikely to bring job growth.

Last year, lawmakers looked at ending that tax on inventory, machinery and equipment.

Sean O'Leary, a senior policy analyst the center, says most states tax either inventory, or machinery and equipment, or both.

He says comparisons have found no real connection to growth no matter what states do.

"Since the end of the recession, there's no real clear link between states that have this tax, states that don't have this tax, and growth rates,” he points out. “And states that have neither of the taxes have actually grown less than the states that have both."

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