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WV Voters Want To Be Heard

Photo Credit: WV MetroNews

One of the biggest frustrations during this year's historic teachers' strike was that the teachers felt they weren't being listened to. 

WV's Teachers & School Workers didn't feel respected & that made them angry. That made them want new leadership. They made that much clear in may's primary election. 

From WV MetroNews

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Two challengers in the Democratic Primary in the 51st House of Delegates District earned big statement wins Tuesday night.

Political newcomer Danielle Walker finished third with 5,086 votes, just barely edging out incumbent Delegate John Williams by 105 votes, or about 0.23%. She said the current political climate prompted her to get involved in local politics.

“When your children look at you and say, ‘Mommy, what are we going to do?’ I definitely knew that I needed to step up, and I needed to do that in the right direction,” she said.

And once she got involved, Walker found herself receiving enormous support — particularly from Monongalia County’s teachers and school personnel.

“So I put myself out there in the community, and I went to a whole bunch of meetings and I went to rallies and I spoke from the heart and I spoke from experience.”

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