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We've Been Here Before

Photo Credit: Charleston Gazette Mail

Natural Gas can be an incredible resource for our state. It can help keep the lights on and keep our families. Let's just make sure the money's going to the right place.

WV has an incredible history with it's natural resources. Coal gave the state some of it's best years. It's still the backbone of the state's economy. Today, as a new mineral industry is growing in the mountain state, shouldn't we make sure the people of West Virginia get the full benefit of this valuable resource. A gas tax can help us balance the budget, pay our teachers, and fix PEIA.

From The Charleston Gazette Mail

At a town hall meeting with teachers in Wheeling, Gov. Jim Justice tossed out a possible solution: Fund the pay raises with an increase in taxes on the state’s booming natural gas industry.

West Virginia “benefited from the extraction of coal and we benefited from the extraction of timber, but we were still dead last in everything,” said Justice, whose family made its fortune in coal. “And now we have this gas situation and we’re on fire, and we have a real opportunity again.” If the state doesn’t pass a gas-tax hike, the governor said, “we’re going to be left holding the bag again.”

But what seemed like a stunning change of direction proved to be little more than a feint. Gas industry lobbyists strongly criticized the proposal and the governor’s tax hike idea quickly faded.

West Virginia has been here before.

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