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We Need Leaders Who Listen

Photo Credit: WV Legislature

WV Teacher's victory this past winter was a huge accomplishment. This raise was long overdue, and someone had to draw attention to skyrocketing PEIA premiums and cuts to coverage, but everything at the capitol happens for a reason.

Why did this strike have to happen? Teachers and state workers had been raising these issues for quite some time. They'd even suggested possible solutions. But lobbyists had other issues in mind. 

From The Charleston Gazette Mail:

The recent victory the school teachers of West Virginia walked away with in securing a 5 percent pay increase was a gallant battle, an eye opener on the national scene and a feather in the hat of union interests, but, in all reality, the teacher solidarity demonstrations should have never taken place.

This is not meant to diminish the bravery of the teachers. It was indeed an act similar to putting mud in the bully’s face, and the so-called lawmakers in Charleston should hang their collective heads in shame. Not only did they reluctantly come up with the raise, they attempted to bash the people who put them on their perches, the commoner who most needs their help. We the people put these so-called experts on those perches, entrusting them to make decisions that make our lives better. To make all of West Virginia better. From border to border.

Collectively, what a bunch of failures we have in Charleston, specifically, a fiscal failure.

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