This Week In WV Strong June 30-July 7 - West Virginia Strong

This Week In WV Strong June 30 - July 7

It's been quite the week in WV, and we hope WVStrong has given you a fresh perspective on the headlines. Here's a quick run-down of some of our stories for the week incase you missed any!

Governor Jim Justice has thrown cold water on what critics are describing as a GOP plan to slow-walk the likely impeachment of West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry. But Senate President Mitch Carmichael says there is no such plan to slow the process to ensure whoever takes Loughry’s seat would not have to stand for election this fall...continue reading

Details are important. No one can deny that, however, it's hard to sympathize with legislators who shoot down every idea that can help the people because of small details without putting forward any ideas of their own...continue reading

After years of spending cuts and pulling from the Rainy Day Fund it looks like the state of West Virginia will finish the year with a twenty eight million budget surplus for 2017-2018 budget year...continue reading

Do you pay rent, or a mortgage? Perhaps a better question would be, have you ever payed rent, or a mortgage? You probably got in the habit of sending that check for whatever the usual amount was on the first of the month. It became part of your monthly routine...continue reading

The workers of West Virginia have a proud history of fighting for their rights. While unions have taken some frustrating hits with recent legislation like Right To Work laws, the union spirit is still alive and well in the Mountain State...continue reading

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