This Week in WV Strong August 5 - 11 - West Virginia Strong

This Week in WV Strong August 5 - 11

It's been quite the week in WV, and we hope WVStrong has given you a fresh perspective on the headlines. Here's a quick run-down of some of our stories for the week incase you missed any. Be sure to share your favorite WV Strong stories with your friends and family!

Wouldn't Think Of It: By Bil Lepp

At West Virginia Strong we talk a lot about finding stories that shine a light on the values that West Virginians rely on to live a good life here. That’s a tricky task as we are a somewhat diverse people. Sorta...Read More

What Impact is Right To Work Having In WV: By Dan Heyman

Charleston, WV – What impact will West Virginia’s Right-to-Work laws have on the state’s employment and wages? That’s an inside economics debate that’s likely to show up in this falls election...Read More

The Road Less Paved

The passage of the "Roads To Prosperity" road bond ballot issue was one of the proudest moments of Governor Justice's administration. At the time the Governor's office released an ambitious list of projects that would be completed if the road bond passed...Read More

Hauling Precious Cargo

Children are the future of West Virginia, and it's important that they're ready when it's their turn to lead. Part of getting them ready is education, but before the teachers can do their job, WV's kids need to get on the bus and get to the classrooms...Read More

Back To School

As WV Students, Teachers, and other School Support Staff head back into classrooms this month, many are looking back on the past year's strike and what has changed since then...Read More

Impeachment Gets Complicated: By Dan Heyman

Charleston, WV – As impeachment moves to the full House of Delegates it’s likely to get complicated. The house Judiciary Committee voted to approve fourteen or sixteen articles of impeachment Tuesday, taking the process out of investigations and hearings, and moving towards action...Read More


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