This Week In WV Strong August 11-18 - West Virginia Strong

This Week In WV Strong August 11-18

It's been quite the week in WV, and we hope WVStrong has given you a fresh perspective on the headlines. Here's a quick run-down of some of our stories for the week incase you missed any. Be sure to share your favorite WV Strong stories with your friends and family!

Last Vet Standing: 60,000 Every Month, By Bil Lepp

When you ask the question, “What is a West Virginian?,” one answer is clear: “West Virginians are soldiers.” I would wager that almost every family in West Virginia has at least one member who is currently serving in the military, or who is a veteran. Sometimes it is because of an overwhelming sense of patriotism, sometimes it because the military is the only job available. And every reason in between...Read More

Last Vet Standing: Tom Williams - The Beginning, By Bil Lepp

I start with Tom Williams. I've made a list, and set up interviews, but Tom is the first guy I go see. He's on his porch swing watching the last of the summer days. From the looks of him, these are the last summer days he'll see. There is a clear plastic tube which appears under the screen door, wraps behind the table, comes up Tom's chest, circles his head once and then goes into his nose. It will be there, he has told me, for the rest of his life. Today he has finished the last of a series of twenty injections into his belly. They are supposed to get rid of a blood clot in Tom's lung, but the oxygen will have to remain...Read More

When Insurance Rules Really Matter: By Dan Heyman

Charleston, WV – For the 40% of West Virginians with pre-existing conditions, the fight over whether insurance plans have to cover their medical problems is a big deal. But many also point to the way health insurance rules like those are freeing them – financially, professionally and personally...Read More

WV Leaders Double Down To Defeat Democracy: By Bil Lepp

Is West Virginia the only state to ever impeach its entire Supreme Court? And to do in such a way that voters don’t get a say on it for two years? Governor Justice hates bad press, and hates it when West Virginia is ranked last. Well, here’s a first Jim. Your buddies in the the legislature are possibly going to be the first state legislature to fire an entire State’s Supreme Court...Read More

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