The Momentum Continues - West Virginia Strong

The Momentum Continues

Photo Credit: Tyler Evert, Associated Press

From West Virginia Public Broadcasting

From Morgantown to Matewan, educators and their supporters pledged to "remember in November" the Republican state lawmakers who held out on the raise they demanded this winter during the teacher strike. On Tuesday, they went to the polls to, as some put it, "make them pay in May."

Carmen Soltesz, a Williamson middle-school social studies teacher, was among those thinking hard about the historic teacher walkout shortly before she cast her vote. A registered independent, she leans conservative, but was planning to pick up the Democratic ballot to support Sen. Joe Manchin. But Soltesz, 37, also recalled the united front of her fellow educators and school service personnel in the halls of the Capitol as they demanded a 5 percent pay raise and a plan to fix their health insurance program.

"I hope that that energy carries into the elections and the people that were those holdouts feel the backlash," she said.


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