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The Business of Health

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Starting a business of any kind is no easy task. 

In this story from Positively West Virginia Healthcare Management Solutions' President Leah Heimbach shares her experience starting a business focused on improving Healthcare in West Virgina & her decision to hire local. 

From Positively West Virginia

Don’t forget, there are uphill battles.

“I just hope people that are looking to going into business and starting their own company don’t give up,” said Heimbach. “There are uphill battles, I would just advise them to step back, remember why they got into it and take things one step at a time.”

Hire local.

Once your business is off the ground and operating, you can start hiring.

Instead of outsourcing work out-of-state, think about hiring local. West Virginia has a diverse workforce that is dedicated to making the state a better place.

“I’d have to say (the best thing about being in business here in West Virginia) is having access to a really good workforce,” said Heimbach. “Having people who have a good work ethic and really care about what they do.”

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