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Ten Huge Things the World Has Done While the WV House and Senate Have Not Impeached the WV Supreme Court

It’s been nearly a year since the debacle of the West Virginia Supreme Court impeachment process began it’s slow and as yet unresolved grind.

Here are 10 huge things that have happened in the world since we first heard that Chief Justice Loughry might have been misusing State owned property, and other justices might have been up to other naughtiness.

  1. Three, 3!, seasons- Winter, Spring and Summer- have ended
  2. One season of WVU football ended, and another began
  3. North and South Korean sports team reunited for the Winter Olympics
  4. There have been 7 hurricanes in the Atlantic
  5. The worst wildfires in California history started, burned 1.5 million acres, and went out
  6. The Castro Era ended
  7. Canada, Mexico and the United States restructured NAFTA
  8. Northern White Rhinos went extinct
  9. Canada legalized cannabis
  10. Millions of human babies have been conceived AND born during the proceedings

Species and seasons come and go. Eras end. Babies are born… and the WV legislature can’t do a thing.

We’re coming up on a year now since rumors began surfacing that one, some, or all justices of the West Virginia Supreme Court were acting in ways unbecoming of the top legal minds in the State. Spending recklessly, hoarding State owned property, cruising around in State owned cars for personal business, and generally taking advantage of their positions.

In January, Del. Mike Pushkin (D), suggested the state legislature look into the situation. The Republican controlled House put off looking into the problem until a special session was called in June. Back then I thought the House was just stalling so Gov. Justice could appoint hand-picked justices rather then let voters vote for one, some, or all new justices. Then the state Senate, also Republican controlled, got into the act. They, too, have hemmed and hawed. Now the temporary and newly appointed members of the WV Supreme Court- at least two of whom have NEVER served as judges in any capacity- have ruled that the House didn’t do what it was supposed to do to make it legal for the Senate to impeach the old justices. As a result, more special sessions may need to be called, at great taxpayer expense, to correct the failures in the House so the Senate can legally impeach the justices.

This is the current state of the State government.

The whole mess started out looking like a political stall tactic to subvert the will of the voters planned by cunning political operatives. However, I am coming to the conclusion that the leaders of the Republican held House, Senate and Governor’s office are simply incompetent. I don’t know which is worse. Scheming masterminds  plotting to take over the WV Supreme Court? Or an assembly of idiots who can’t get out of their own way even when they have the power and votes to pretty much do what they want? It’s kind of like watching a kid’s T-Ball game where all eight outfielders are chasing the ball while baseruns are simultaneously jogging from first base to second while others run from third to second. It’s like a horribly choreographed interpretive dance depicting the mating ritual of humpback whales.

To top it all off, an election is coming up in a matter of weeks. All the members of the House are up for reelection. There is a chance, as has been pointed out by Phil Kabler of the Charleston Gazette, that the current House could be voted out before they have the opportunity to finish the impeachment proceedings they botched by not following their own rules.

The only solution I see to this is to go vote. Go vote for representatives who, if nothing else, will bring resolution to this embarrassment. The Republican held state government has done everything they can to keep you from exercising your right to vote for your Supreme Court justices. Let’s play a funny trick on those legislatures on November 6th. Let’s use our right to vote to remove these folks from of office.

Bil Lepp is a nationally renowned storyteller and a PEN Award winning author. To see more of Bil's WV Strong content click here. 

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