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Preserving WV Culture

West Virginians love to share the history of every landmark or special spot in our state. Maybe it’s a fun local legend that happened at a community owned restaurant, or an unusual story behind a unique building in town, or even a historical figure that stayed in the town’s inn centuries ago. It’s how we preserve and share our own local culture.

Soon it’ll be even easier to discover the history of sites all over the mountain state. new historical markers sharing local legends and folklore will be going up all over the state. This is a great way for us to teach our children the history and culture of our state, and to share it with visitors.

West Virginia is the seventh state to participate in the Pomeroy Foundation’s Legends & Lore Marker Grant Program, which helps communities commemorate local legends and folklore while promoting cultural tourism. Communities and nonprofit organizations who successfully apply for the grants receive the markers and support poles free of charge.

The foundation, based in Syracuse, New York, plans to gradually expand its Legends & Lore marker program, established in 2015, to all states.

“The Pomeroy Foundation is thrilled to partner with the West Virginia Humanities Council on our expanding Legends & Lore Program,” said Bill Pomeroy, the foundation’s creator. “We feel this is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the folklore near and dear to West Virginia. We’re proud to work with your communities in celebrating and preserving your folklore and legends.”’

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