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Music In The Mountains: More Than Country Roads

Music runs deep in West Virginia's culture. Some examples are pretty obvious. Mention you're from West Virginia anywhere in the world and you'll probably meet someone who can sing Country Roads along with you, maybe even in a different language.

But West Virginia's influence on America's Cultural Song book goes far beyond Country Roads. Just last week the City of Charleston helped honor WV Native, Bill Withers of "Lean on Me" fame with a tribute concert at Haddad Riverfront Park.

And earlier this week WV Celebrated the 94th Birthday of one of the fathers of Rock & Roll, Johnnie Johnson. 

From Herald Dispatch

July 8, 1924: Rock 'n' roll pioneer Johnnie Johnson was born in Fairmont. Johnson collaborated with Chuck Berry on songs such as ''Roll Over, Beethoven.'' Berry's hit ''Johnny B. Goode'' was written as a tribute to Johnson.

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How cool would it have been if Berry had included Johnson's home state in his classic hit? Michael J Fox could have kicked off that classic Back To The Future Scene with "Deep Down in West Virginia close to Wheeling..."

Whatever your musical tastes, there's a pretty good chance WV has influenced a few of your favorite tunes.

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