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Making Sure We Can Tell Our Stories

Every West Virginian has a story to tell, and no one tells our stories better than our fellow West Virginians. That's why it's so important for local media, both online, over the air, and print to survive and thrive in a time when national media is so readily available. While it's great to have access to Fox News or CNN to tell us what's going on across the country and around the world, only our local newspapers, radio, TV stations, and blogs can tell us what's happening in our state and communities. 

A combined effort from WVU and the West Virginia Press Association is helping to make sure our local papers are around for years to come. 

From The WV Community Development Hub

The West Virginia University Reed College of Media has received a grant from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation to help strengthen local journalism in West Virginia and preserve it for the future by creating a new ownership pipeline.

The $125,000 grant will support a partnership between the College of Media and the West Virginia Press Association (WVPA) to recruit, develop and train the next generation of independent community newspaper owners. The program anticipates that a number of West Virginia’s small-market newspaper owners and publishers will be ready to retire and sell their news operations over the next several years, creating potential news “deserts” in their local communities.

Read More at the WV Community Development Hub.

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