How We Got Here: Breakthrough! - West Virginia Strong

How We Got Here: Breakthrough!

Gov. Justice signs pay raise bill for West Virginia employees

By WSAZ news staff

At a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Governor Jim Justice signed House Bill 4145 that will give teachers, service personnel and state police a five percent raise.

The governor also announced that he will be sending a letter to the State Superintendent concerning the 180-day school requirement following the teacher strike.

Lawmakers and union representatives joined Governor Jim Justice on the stage of the West Virginia State Theater for the press conference.

In the theater, the governor spoke about the five percent pay raise bill, which passed the House and Senate Tuesday morning after a conference committee meeting between lawmakers.

"Today is a new day for education in West Virginia. No more looking back!" Justice proclaimed, surrounded by jubilant education leaders. "We really have to move away from the idea that education is just some necessary evil that has to be funded ... toward ... looking at our children and our teachers and education as an investment ... That's all there is to it."


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