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VIDEO: How Does Your Garden Grow?

The land has been good to West Virginians — and West Virginians are good to their land. Sam Griffith's careful tending of her vegetable and spice garden in Alum Creek, W.Va., is part of a West Virginia tradition that has been going on for generations. 
How does YOUR garden grow? Read on to see how you can share a view of how you grow your garden.

Share up to (3) photos of your vegetable or fruit garden on the topics below. Post photos and words in the comments to this video on the blog. Or on this post at Facebook at  We'll use some of the photos in a future video on West Virginia gardens.


  • Give your name and what West Virginia county your garden is located in.
  • What vegetable or fruit does your photo show you are growing this year?
  • Who taught you how to garden?
  • (Optional) Share a family recipe that includes homegrown ingredients from your garden (and a photo of the dish, if possible)

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