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Hauling Precious Cargo

Children are the future of West Virginia, and it's important that they're ready when it's their turn to lead. Part of getting them ready is education, but before the teachers can do their job, WV's kids need to get on the bus and get to the classrooms.

While most of the focus in recent months has been on WV Teachers, school service personnel such as cooks, custodians, bus drivers & mechanics played a role in the recent teachers strike as well. All of these hard working WVians are essential to getting our children to school, keeping them safe in school, and being ready to get the most from of West Virginia's teachers. 

WVNSTV in Beckley recently highlighted Aaron Brooks and James Perkins, two Greenbrier County bus technicians, and the work they've done to get their county's bus fleet ready for the school year. Not only is their work exceptional, it's nationally recognized. They've won 1st place in the statewide "America's Best" competition, and are going on to represent WV in the national competition in Kansas City Missouri.

Here's what Mr. Brooks had to say about the importance of the work they do.


"You take pride in your job, for Greenbrier County, and you know, you're hauling precious cargo."

See the entire WVNSTV segment here. WV Strong wishes Mr. Brooks & Mr. Perkins the best of luck both in Kansas City and for a successful 2018-2019 school year in Greenbrier County.


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