First they disrespect our roads. Now our intelligence. Then our children. - West Virginia Strong

First they disrespect our roads. Now our intelligence. Then our children.

When the Republican-led state legislature rushed through a bill giving coal companies a $60M per year tax break, leaders paid for that by eliminating funding from a bill to repair WV’s roads.

Now, having heard how angry West Virginians are about our broken roads, Charleston politicians are considering taking money from Medicaid.

Do they think we are not smart enough to understand that we could start fixing our roads and adequately fund Medicaid if they had not just handed $60M to the coal industry?

And this was just the latest – our political leaders in Charleston have given away hundreds of millions of dollars to out-of-state businesses over the past ten years, resulting in no job growth, declining pay for teachers relative to other states, and higher costs for our kids to go to college.

We need politicians who will make West Virginia a state where our young people can once again find good work, start a family, and build their future. Not who will chase empty promises that we can buy a promising future by giving tax breaks benefiting mostly out-of-state interests.


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  • Sam Corlis
    commented 2019-03-28 09:17:55 -0400
    Evidently, there are enough of us who live in WV who believe that tax cuts to the coal industries will somehow benefit the average to low income citizens of the state. Voters have put the people in office who lead them to believe that things will be better if we just let the coal companies do as they see fit. "There will be jobs! "—-that’s all that has to be said to get the votes. Never mind the true cost to the individuals who are desperate enough to believe the misleading statements and often outright lies that the coal companies forward to get the “right people” into office. These struggling folks who are living on hope, are being used up like the coal they mine with far too little regard for their health and safety, and virtually no regard for the fact that coal is a finite resource and will become increasingly difficult to extract from the earth, the result of which will be more aggressive means of extraction by way of more dangerous and unproven methods . The resulting effect of this on the miners and others in the field, and the environment will be devastating . This dying industry is going to go out kicking and screaming , with little or no regard for the futures of those who have given up their well being for a temporary job. The money we, as voters, keep giving to these companies should be put towards re-educating these workers for jobs that will benefit them and the generations to come, and the environment, since it is our home.