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Everyday West Virginians, Everyday Heroes

Photo Credit WVAH Fox 11

West Virginia's not perfect. Right now it's easy to get discouraged with scandal after scandal popping up in the headlines. We've had years of budget fights at the legislature & the many working West Virginians are struggling to get by. But there's one thing West Virginia has going for it. The people. 

JFK once said "The sun does not always shine in West Virginia, but the people always do." Earlier this week, during a horrible tragedy, one working West Virginian proved this yet again.

From WVAH Fox 11

A cable contractor turned into a hero when two people were trapped inside their apartment by a fire Thursday afternoon.

Aaron Hayes was working inside the Terrace Park East Apartment complex on Kanawha Boulevard in Charleston when he heard a woman yelling for help and saw smoke.

He said he and another man kicked in the door and managed to grab the woman and get her to safety.

Hayes said the smoke was so thick in the apartment, he couldn’t get to a second person that was inside, but firefighters arrived just a few minutes later and got the man to safety.

Hayes said he didn’t have time to think, he just jumped into action.

“My adrenaline was up. I was scared, I’m not going to lie. I was scared. I was more scared for the people in the room,” Hayes said.

Read More at https://wvah.com/news/local/cabell-installer-jumps-into-action-when-charleston-apartment-catches-fire

Mr. Hayes was just doing his job. No one would have blamed him if he'd just run out of the building when he saw smoke, but he decided to go the extra mile and make sure those around him got out safely too. He was an everyday West Virginian and an everyday hero. 

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