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Dragging Your Feet Is Not Leadership

WV's Medical Marijuana program has taken quite some time to hammer out. The program was initially passed into law in 2017. It was supposed to go into effect in just a few months, but right after it passed, it hit a road bump. The state treasurer pointed out that there was no guidance in the law on how to handle the money that would come in through the program, and even proposed some solutions of his own. 

These solutions however required legislative action. Despite the bipartisan push to make this happen, it took until this years session for legislative leadership to put a bill on the floor that would allow the program (that had already passed in 2017) to take effect, and until just earlier this week for Governor Justice to sign the measures into law.

This is a program that will help with many of the serious health problems plaguing the mountain state, including the opioid crisis. It could have been a real opportunity for the Governor and members of the legislature to step up and take action. Instead they dragged their feet for almost 2 years until it was almost too late. 

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