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Until You See It First Hand: Interview with Former Delegate Bil Flanigan

Digging Deeper: By Dan Heyman In 2016, Bill Flanigan made his first speech on the floor of the legislature. Flanigan had been named by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin as a Republican Delegate to fill an empty seat in Monongalia County, and he spoke passionately about how medical cannabis had helped him deal with his cancer treatment. Observers credited that speech with helping to kill a bill that would have increased mandatory sentences for people caught with marijuana. Continue reading

WV Dark Money Group Charged With Breaking Election Spending Laws

Digging Deeper: By Dan Heyman UPDATE: GO West Virginia has just hosted a fundraiser at the Greenbrier reportedly attended by a number of lawmakers and corporate donors. According to an invitation passed on to Phil Kabler at the Charleston Gazette, donors who paid up to $50,000 each could attend a cookout and cocktail reception with lawmakers and play rounds of golf with them. High end donations also included a stay over at the Greenbrier. Continue reading

Impeachment Gets Complicated: Investigations Wrap Up And Lawmakers Prepare Actions

Digging Deeper: By Dan Heyman Charleston, WV – As impeachment moves to the full House of Delegates it’s likely to get complicated. The house Judiciary Committee voted to approve fourteen or sixteen articles of impeachment Tuesday, taking the process out of investigations and hearings, and moving towards action. Continue reading

What Impact Is Right-To-Work Really Having In West Virginia?

Digging Deeper: By Dan Heyman Charleston, WV – What impact will West Virginia’s Right-to-Work laws have on the state’s employment and wages? That’s an inside economics debate that’s likely to show up in this falls election. Continue reading

Who Gets Impeached?

Digging Deeper By Dan Heyman Charleston, WV – A major fight looks to be brewing over who from the state Supreme Court will be impeached, as the House Judiciary Committee gets ready to write the formal legislation to do that. Members of the committee say there are sharp partisan divisions over what is supposed to be a non-partisan court just beneath the surface. Continue reading

Shott Talks Impeachment

Digging Deeper by Dan Heyman WV Strong's Dan Heyman sat down with WV House of Delegates Judiciary Chair, Delegate John Shott, after Thursday's impeachment hearing to discuss the ongoing investigations into the West Virginia State Supreme Court.  Continue reading

House Judiciary: The Committee With The Big Job

Digging Deeper by Dan Heyman UPDATE – Monday the Judicial Investigative Committee dismissed complaints against the remaining justices. In a written statement, the JIC said the charges against Beth Walker, Robin Davis and Margaret Workman were either unsubstantiated or were not significant violations. Charleston, WV – As the House Judiciary Committee  details of charges against state supreme court justices, the chair says it now looks unlikely they will finish their work on the timetable he wanted to meet. Continue reading

Medical Marijuana Reduces Opioid Deaths - So What's The Delay?

Digging Deeper Charleston, WV – Medical marijuana brings a dramatic decline in opioid deaths, supporters say. And they hope that will be enough to break the logjam in getting West Virginia’s cannabis program going. Continue reading

If The Writ Hits The Fan: Can West Virginia Protect People With Pre-Existing Conditions?

Digging Deeper Charleston, WV – A federal court case threatens to end insurance rules that now protect people with pre-existing medical conditions. If the case succeeds, what would state lawmakers do? Continue reading

Wrong Carol Miller

Digging Deeper Charleston, WV – In a sign of just how much money is sloshing around American politics, the Political Action Committee of Vice-President Mike Pence actually sent $5000 to the wrong Carol Miller. Continue reading