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Boy Scout Jamboree showcases values integral to West Virginia

The three core promises in the Boy Scout oath are 'duty to God and country,' 'Duty to other people,' and 'Duty to self.
Those values will be showcased in international fashion deep in West Virginia's heartland when the World Scout Jamboree come to Summit Bechtel Reserve in Fayette and Raleigh counties from July 22 to Aug. 22.
Scouting values, which include a deep devotion to family and community and maintaining the sanctity of the natural world, reflect distinctly West Virginia values.
So, it is more than appropriate that the World Scout Jamboree has found a welcome home in the West Virginia hills.
More than 65,000 scouts and scout leaders from more than 170 countries are expected to attend the event.
Increased use of the new River Gorge is expected from the huge jamboree, which is being held for the first time since 1967 in America, park superintendent Lizzie Watts told
"In this event, we have the opportunity to welcome youth, not just from the United States, but from all over the world to our beautiful area, and show them the magnificence of southern West Virginia and national parks throughout the U.S.,” she said.
And, WVStrong should add, to welcome them to a place that so fully honors the values that the Boy Scouts hold dear.

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