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This Week in WV Strong July 8 - July 14

It's been quite the week in WV, and we hope WVStrong has given you a fresh perspective on the headlines. Here's a quick run-down of some of our stories for the week incase you missed any. Be sure to share your favorite WV Strong stories with your friends and family! Continue reading

Music In The Mountains: More Than Country Roads

Music runs deep in West Virginia's culture. Some examples are pretty obvious. Mention you're from West Virginia anywhere in the world and you'll probably meet someone who can sing Country Roads along with you, maybe even in a different language. Continue reading

Everyday West Virginians, Everyday Heroes

Photo Credit WVAH Fox 11 West Virginia's not perfect. Right now it's easy to get discouraged with scandal after scandal popping up in the headlines. We've had years of budget fights at the legislature & the many working West Virginians are struggling to get by. But there's one thing West Virginia has going for it. The people.  Continue reading

This Week In WV Strong June 30 - July 7

It's been quite the week in WV, and we hope WVStrong has given you a fresh perspective on the headlines. Here's a quick run-down of some of our stories for the week incase you missed any! Continue reading

United We Stand Up

Photo Credit: Chris Dorst Charleston Gazette Mail The workers of West Virginia have a proud history of fighting for their rights. While unions have taken some frustrating hits with recent legislation like Right To Work laws, the union spirit is still alive and well in the Mountain State. Continue reading

Surplus: At What Cost?

Photo Credit: WOWK TV After years of spending cuts and pulling from the Rainy Day Fund it looks like the state of West Virginia will finish the year with a twenty eight million budget surplus for 2017-2018 budget year.   Continue reading

Fireworks Around The Mountain State

Happy Birthday America! Since today is the fourth of July we here at WV Strong decided to take a break from the breaking news and focus on fireworks. While some towns around the state celebrated yesterday, there's still lots to do tonight! Here's just a few of the places you can celebrate on America's Birthday around the mountain state! Continue reading

What Would You Do With One Million Dollars?

Do you pay rent, or a mortgage? Perhaps a better question would be, have you ever payed rent, or a mortgage? You probably got in the habit of sending that check for whatever the usual amount was on the first of the month. It became part of your monthly routine.  Continue reading

What's The Big Idea?

Photo Credit: Perry Bennett West Virginia Legislative Photography Details are important. No one can deny that, however, it's hard to sympathize with legislators who shoot down every idea that can help the people because of small details without putting forward any ideas of their own. Continue reading

PEIA: What Now?

Photo Credit: WTRF We've heard a lot about the PEIA Task Force that was created as a result of the Teachers Strike earlier this year, but so far, no solutions have been proposed. Continue reading

Shop Local, Get Taxed?

According to the West Virginia Retailers Association, 1 in 4 West Virginians are employed by the retail industry. That's a lot of jobs. These jobs range from the cashiers at state's Walmarts & Targets to the owner of your local corner store, but there's one thing that both Walmart & mom & pop shops have in common.  Continue reading

There's Still Work To Be Done

Photo Credit: David T. Stephenson for CNN The 2016 WV Floods seem like a distant memory to those of us who were unaffected by the flood, but as the recent headlines have made all too clear, there are still West Virginians in need of help after great losses in the 2016 flood.  Continue reading

Making Ends Meet

As mines across the state have laid off workers, or closed all together, hard working West Virginians have had to call upon one of the strongest WV Values, resourcefulness. Part of being loyal to your family is being able to put food on the table no matter what, and some West Virginians have turned to some unique jobs to fill the gap left by disappearing mine jobs.  Continue reading

What Do We Stand To Lose?

Photo Credit: WSAZ Charleston West Virginia's teachers are the unsung heroes of our state's education system and we know they're not afraid to stand up for themselves. Earlier this year they became the new face of organized labor during a 2 week strike, resulting in much deserved pay raises for themselves, and their fellow state employees, as well as an (as of yet unfulfilled) promise to fix the broken PEIA system.  Continue reading

Ability To Pay

Photo Credit:John Dahlia WV News The PEIA listening tour wrapped up last week. Those who attended were told that they would hear something "soon," but weren't given any specifics about what this fix might be. They were given some statistics about the current state of PEIA. One of which gave Brianne Solomon, a teacher & candidate for House of Delegates, a new perspective on this issue.  Continue reading

How We Got Here: WV Rise

Photo Credit: Kenny Kemp for Charleston Gazette Mail The words "WV Rise" have been all over the news these past few days. For those of us who weren't affected by the 2016 Floods, this may have been a new term, but it's been around for a while. What the program has actually been doing though? That seems to be the question.  Continue reading

Is This Really The Solution?

Stock Photo: Raw Pixel,  Healthcare is a major issue for West Virginians. Not only for state workers with the rising costs of PEIA, but healthcare costs are up for everyone.  Continue reading

WV Was Just The Start

Photo Credit: WV Gazette Mail West Virginia Teachers made their voices heard earlier this year. Now people across the country are speaking up to say they stand with teachers.  Continue reading

Local Sports are More Than Just Fun & Games

Photo Credit: Craig Hudson, Charleston Gazette Mail "A rising tide lifts all boats" as the old saying goes, and business owners in Dunbar and the surrounding community are looking forward to this tide as construction continues on the Shawnee Park Multi-Sport Complex. Continue reading

We Need Leaders Who Listen

Photo Credit: WV Legislature WV Teacher's victory this past winter was a huge accomplishment. This raise was long overdue, and someone had to draw attention to skyrocketing PEIA premiums and cuts to coverage, but everything at the capitol happens for a reason. Continue reading