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New River Gorge Bridge Voting Info Video

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Dancing Man Voting Info Video

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Getting WV's Small Towns On The Map

Even West Virginia's biggest cities, Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg, and Morgantown feel small to some outsiders who pass through, but some of West Virginia's hardest working small business owners can be found in the more remote and rural towns in the Mountain State. It's truly amazing what can happen when people living in towns like Fayetteville, Davis and Thomas have the vision and grit to open small businesses that make these small towns attractive to visitors from nearby states, and even further away. It's these small business owners that put these small towns on the map. Continue reading

Due Diligence & Due Process

Another layer of complexity and confusion has been added to West Virginia's State Supreme Court chaos. Just over a week ago, a sitting State Supreme Court comprised entirely of appointed acting justices ruled in favor on Impeached Supreme Court Justice Margaret Workman earlier this week. This brought at least a temporary halt to the Senate's trial of Workman that was scheduled to begin this past Monday. Continue reading

Outrage Vs. Cynicism In The Battle For New Voters

Charleston, WV – One of the big questions for next month’s election is how many voters like Ryan Cox show up. Cox is a newly registered, 19 year-old West Virginia University freshman from Charleston. And he has complicated feelings about politics Continue reading

Two Points of View On The Teachers Strike

Earlier this month Governor Jim Justice held a press conference where he made an interesting statement regarding the impact of the 2018 Teachers Strike, claiming "The Teachers Pay Raise...that happened not because of people that were Rah-Rah-ing and everything upstairs. It happened because of the good work of the Republicans"  Continue reading

Do Not Be Deceived (Video)

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A Day To Say Thanks

West Virginia has more veterans (by percentage) than all but four other states in the country. Almost one out of every 10 West Virginians has served our country in the armed forces. (Source: Ballotpedia) So it's no surprise that a national movement to thank veterans for protecting our country got it's start in the Mountain State. Continue reading

Remember (Their Way) In November

WV Strong has done a good bit of reporting on the aftermath of the WV 2018 Teachers Strike. It was one of the biggest news stories of the year, and showed the power of a large group of West Virginians to influence their government, against the wishes of some of those in power. As we reported earlier this month, "Remember In November" was a rallying cry for the teachers earlier this year. Continue reading

The West Virginia We All Know

West Virginians are used to being the butt of outsider's jokes, but what can we do to change that perspective? This is a beautiful place with some wonderful people who have incredible stories to tell. While we have our problems, they shouldn't define us. A recent piece by Rich Goodman in the Martinsburg Observer asked that question of a few West Virginia Experts and got some interesting answers. It's through conversations like this that we hope to share the stories and values that make the mountain state great. Continue reading

Where One Store Closes, Another One Opens

West Virginia's supermarkets are the closest thing many small West Virginia towns have to a community meeting place. Often people make jokes about Sunday shopping trips turning into unplanned High School Reunions. This is in addition to the importance of having a supermarket as a food source and a job creator, so when Kroger announced that they'd be closing their location in Smithers WV it was understandably quite a blow to the town. Luckily, one West Virginia business saw this as an opportunity to expand their brand and help another West Virginia town. Continue reading

It's All In The Timing

West Virginia's Governor and State Senate President have an interesting way of remembering the 2018 Teachers Strike. Earlier this year WV Strong's Dan Heyman reported that Senate President Mitch Carmichael was taking credit for the 5% pay raise that came out of the strike, when he led to charge to oppose it until relenting at the 11th hour. Continue reading

The Clock's Still Ticking

Earlier this year WV Strong's Dan Heyman took a look at the progress made towards legal medical marijuana in the state of West Virginia, followed up with a humorous take on the issue by WV Strong's Bil Lepp. Continue reading

"Why West Virginia?"

To fix any problem, the first step is understanding why you have the problem. A recent summit hosted by WVU Extension Service took that approach when discussing the Opioid Crisis in West Virginia Continue reading

A Kind of Charitable Man

Morsels Of Truth: By Bil Lepp The deer are seldom huge or notable where we hunt in eastern West Virginia, but they are the deer we have, so they are the deer we hunt. Continue reading

An Unhealthy Statistic

WV has it's fair share of health problems. From black lung to substance abuse disorder to obesity. We tend to end up on the bottom of the good lists and the top of the bad lists. Not having health care coverage is a bad thing anywhere, but here in West Virginia especially, most of us will probably need some serious medical care at some point in our lives. Continue reading

November's Almost Here

"Remember in November" was the rallying cry this past winter during the historic 2018 Teacher Strike. Well...November's almost here. West Virginia's teachers and school service workers rallied this weekend around the state to remind politicians and voters to support the hard working West Virginians who make sure our children are ready for the future. Continue reading

Some Good Old WV Folklore

WV is a state full of legends and folklore, and none are as well known as the Mothman. This Appalachian boogeyman is up there with Coal, Country Roads and Jerry West when it comes to what the outside world knows about the Mountain State.  Continue reading

This Week in WV Strong September 9 - 15

It's been quite the week in WV, and we hope WVStrong has given you a fresh perspective on the headlines. Here's a quick run-down of some of our stories for the week incase you missed any. Be sure to share your favorite WV Strong stories with your friends and family! Continue reading

Cause Or Effect?

It's a story rural communities in West Virginia and across the country have heard time and time again. National chain stores come in and offer a cheaper alternatives to local businesses. Over time these box stores put the local shops out of business and people who once held well paying jobs in these local businesses have no option but to take low wage jobs in the stores that put their old employers out of business. Continue reading