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So That's Why Our Water Bills Are So High...

Every so often the water company or some other well meaning public entity will put out pamphlets or videos with advice on how to save money and not waste water. They usually include little tips like taking shorter showers or turning off the faucets while brushing your teeth. It's true that these things may reduce your bill by a little bit, but it seems dishonest to ask customers to take these steps, when there is another problem that the average consumer has no control over that's spiking our water bills and wasting water. Continue reading

An Early Start to Financial Freedom

One of the biggest things keeping West Virginians from enjoying the freedom our state motto “Mountaineers are Always Free” promises are the poor economic conditions that plague our state. While some politicians are quick to offer sweetheart deals to out of state corporations to bring low-paying jobs in, the real game changers are going to be those West Virginians who start their own businesses, and overtime grow those businesses to be job creators and contribute to the local small town economies. Continue reading

Our Water Shouldn't Make Us Sick

Science is always moving, and in many ways it's making our lives better every day. Scientific advancement in the last few decades has made our lives easier and in many cases made our lives longer. However, it looks like the science regulating West Virginia's drinking water is stuck in the past. Rather than trying to keep our rivers, lakes and streams clean, our leaders have shown their loyal to the people polluting that same water.  Continue reading

Fixing Those Country Roads

For a state famous for it's "Country Roads," our roads have some serious issue. The jokes about WV's potholes are never-ending, and while the Governor's road bond passed over a year ago, there still is much work to be done. The "Country Roads" that we proudly sing about after every mountaineer game have been allowed to degrade to the point that many are unsafe to travel. Continue reading

The Power of a Good Apple Pie

One of West Virginia's most valuable resources is it's people. We're hard workers and incredibly resourceful. While job markets in the mountain state are shaky at best, it's the work ethic of our population that will earn the respect of national job creators and bring new jobs and opportunities to West Virginia. Continue reading

How We Got Here: The Opioid Crisis

Why are high-ranking government officials more interested in protecting the pharmaceutical industry than West Virginians? Maybe it's corruption from of all the money that big Pharma plows into West Virginia (and the rest of the country) every two years when an election rolls around? Or is it that these high level government officials are too comfortable in their shiny D.C. offices to take a look around the country and get to know the real people hurt by their failures? What ever reason, people in the halls of power are definitely not looking out for us... Continue reading

PEIA: Where Are We Now?

While the issue of teacher pay took center stage in most coverage of the 2018 WV Teachers Strike, those on the picket lines were also very concerned about the rising cost and restrictive policies of their PEIA Healthcare Coverage, and with good reason. It's hard to live a full and free life, when you don't even have the freedom to be keep yourself healthy. Continue reading

Feelin' Festive with a Little State Pride

Even during the Christmas Season, we West Virginians are always looking for fun ways to share their state pride. One business in Beckley made sure their Christmas decorations had plenty of mountaineer spirit mixed in with their holiday spirit! Continue reading

Clean Water: More Than Just a Headline

Earlier this week WV Strong shared a few sections of a Charleston Gazette story about the conditions of the water systems in some of the more rural areas of our state. Some of the highlights were people having to drive almost an hour to fill jugs at a spring, and decaying town water systems left behind in company towns long abandoned by the coal companies who set them up.  Continue reading

Internet Sales Tax Update

Earlier this year we reported that the United States Supreme Court had issued a ruling that would open the door for WV to collect Sales Tax on online purchases made in WV from out of state retailers. This wouldn't really be a new tax, it would just put out of state retailers on a level playing field with in state retailers who were already required to collect sales tax. Continue reading

Clean Water In Our Own Homes

Sometimes when people talk about "clean water" or "taking care of our rivers and lakes" they're talking about long term effects, or keeping natural features intact, but in WV, talking about clean water can mean securing access to clean water coming out of the faucets in our homes.  Continue reading

What's In A Name?

Appalachia, Kanawha, Vandalia, The Mountain State...the list of names used to describe West Virginia, and the various regions within the state is seemingly endless. Still whether you come from Mon County, the Northern or Eastern Panhandle, The Kanawha Valley, the Southern Coalfields or somewhere in between, we're all West Virginians. But we almost weren't! Continue reading

An Alternative To Opioids?

West Virginia's drug problem has many causes, so there's no one size fits all solution to this issue. Rather than one single breakthrough, discovery, or policy, this must be a road paved with small victories, fixing one problem at a time. Continue reading

Mountaineers Always Serve

West Virginia Strong has often pointed out West Virginia's ties to the Military. Last month we shared the story of "Freedom Day USA," a new movement started in the mountain state to give back to veterans, and Bil Lepp has been chronicling the efforts of WV's WWII Veterans in his "Last Vet Standing" series.  Continue reading

What To Do With All Those Signs?

As the hype of the Midterm elections is beginning to die down, here's one question that may have slipped your mind. What do they do with all those signs after the election? On November 6th the mountain state was covered in yard signs from candidates for offices from U.S. Senator to County Commission and everything in between. By November 8th the election was over and (with the exception of a few stragglers) all of the signs were gone. Continue reading

West Virginians Showed Up

It's been over a week out from the 2018 Midterm Election. While recounts are still going on in a few places around the country, West Virginia's ballots have been counted and the races have been settled. Continue reading

A Home Cooked Meal Rising From The Flood Waters

It's been over 2 years since the historic 2014 West Virginia Floods, and the affected communities like Clendenin are still working on the long road to recovery. Herbert Hoover High School students are still sharing a building with Elkview Middle as they await construction on their new High School, not expected to be completed until at least 2021 (Source: WSAZ). But some Kanawha County Residents found opportunities in the aftermath of the floods to start their own businesses, filling needs left by the floods in their communities.  Continue reading

Making Sure We Can Tell Our Stories

Every West Virginian has a story to tell, and no one tells our stories better than our fellow West Virginians. That's why it's so important for local media, both online, over the air, and print to survive and thrive in a time when national media is so readily available. While it's great to have access to Fox News or CNN to tell us what's going on across the country and around the world, only our local newspapers, radio, TV stations, and blogs can tell us what's happening in our state and communities.  Continue reading

2% Milk Fat Can Win the Election

Once there was a town that had ten eligible voters. Continue reading

5 Lies About WV Voters (Video)

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