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West Virginia offers refuge to hurricane evacuees

West Virginians are always there to help a neighbor, even if they don't live here. The state has opened its state parks to travelers seeking shelter from Hurricane Dorian, offering a 50 percent discount on park cabins, campsites and lodge rooms. Continue reading

Unsung heroes – social workers at work

Most West Virginians will go out of their way to help someone in need. Some West Virginians make it their career to do so, such as the social workers from the Wheeling area featured in this article. Continue reading

Boone County entrepreneur dreams up a community business

If the following words sound like West Virginia values to you, they do to us, as well. "I work hard for my money and I am responsible. I want to do this right and I want it to be something that the community is proud of." That's 21-year-old Vince Moore of Madison, who wants to guide Boone County youth away from drugs that have devastated so many families by opening a family-friendly arcade-inspired business. READ ON: Man looks to start business to steer youth from drugs

Woman no stranger to hard work

West Virginians’ reputation for hard work knows no gender. A West Virginia construction union is working to put more women on the job. One woman says she likes working in construction so well she wishes she’d started sooner.    Continue reading

First West Virginia campaign staff to unionize

However you feel about the 2020 gubernatorial campaign in West Virginia, here’s aninteresting note about one campaign, given West Virginia’s historic role in growing thelabor movement in America. Continue reading

Head out on the West Virginia Doughnut Trail

Here’s a suggestion for what to do when the state and national news gets a bit too grim. Head out on “The West Virginia Doughnut Trail.”   Continue reading

Would free college free up West Virginia students to live their dreams?

Several presidential candidates propose free college education at public universities in America. What would that mean to West Virginia students? One young Morgantown man, featured in this video, says it would give him the freedom to increase his earnings and maybe even buy a place to live. WATCH VIDEO: Click here

Can we trust the road ahead for state’s highways?

When it comes to state government, people want to trust what state leaders say—and for them to be open and transparent in following through on promises. The new secretary of the state Department of Transportation Byrd White sounds like he intends to follow through on his promises, as described in this story. IMAGE: Oleg Kuzmin,  

Making local history come alive in Randolph County

West Virginia is often portrayed in a negative light. This clouds the state's rich community life and colorful history. That's why the recent opening of a Local History and Genealogy Room at  Elkins-Randolph County Public Library is worth noting—and copying in cities and counties statewide. The room’s collections, artifacts, maps and research tools offer rich resources that showcase a loyal honoring of the community's deep history. Continue reading

Helping WV Artists Help Themselves

A Lincoln County native helps rural artists see the value in their work by teaching them how to market their art and crafts online. The result is bigger audiences, helping them make the transition to business owners rather than hobbyists, and learning how to better make it in the Mountain State. Continue reading

A world-historic event marked at world-class place in West Virginia

The national media repeatedly writes about the worst things and stupidest cliches about West Virginia. That’s all the more reason to highlight a world-class facility deep in our hills, the Green Bank Observatory, a trailblazer in American radio astronomy. Continue reading

Delegate accepts compensation to fight constituents

Paul Espinosa, majority whip of the West Virginia House of Delegates, has been hired as public relations manager for a controversial manufacturing plant—planned for his own county. Continue reading

When WV businesses value people over just profits

It's bad news when West Virginia businesses get themselves into trouble by valuing profits over people. So, it's worth noting when a business that is an institution in the Mountain State, Tudor's Biscuits, does good beyond just serving good biscuits. In this case, employees and customers worked together to raise $34,000 to help grant the wishes of West Virginia children diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions. Continue reading

Pipeline company fined for messing up our streams and mountains.

A recent WVStrong post noted how the West Virginia Rivers Coalition hosted a tour of pipeline construction for members of the West Virginia Legislature. We should also note that West Virginia law requires out-of-state companies building pipelines through our state to clean up after themselves. But to make more money, these companies often cut corners. State inspectors noticed some serious corner-cutting with the Mountain Valley Pipeline project and fined the company in April. Continue reading

History Lesson about life on the river

IMAGE: From July 10, 2019 ClutchMov story by Sarah Arnold Think of early West Virginia history and your mind may conjure up cabins folded deep in the hollers and hills. But life was lived along rivers, too. Check out this fascinating story on folks who lived on and along rivers in shantyboats—crude houseboats often built and lived in by itinerant workers, miners, and others. Continue reading

Legislators take time to learn about problems caused by natural gas pipeline construction

With so many West Virginia legislators being wined and dined by lobbyists representing well-funded, out-of-state interests, it’s good to see some legislators doing their jobs. They are taking time to visit with local West Virginians whose properties and communities are being harmed by out-of-state pipeline companies bringing in out-of-state workers to run roughshod over our property rights, streams, and mountains. Continue reading

Grand jury indicts irresponsible opioid-pushing businesses profiting at our expense

West Virginians depend on large and small businesses to fuel our economy. But when businesses let the pursuit of profits cause harm to our communities, they should pay.    Thanks to federal prosecutors going after local doctors, pharmacists and national pharmaceutical companies that flooded our communities with opioids, justice is now being pursued .... Continue reading

Making food with a history means making—and feeding—a community

West Virginians love their houses of worship, their communities and their roots—and sometimes those come together in tasty fashion. Here's a look at how members of Wheeling's St. John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church prepare 8,000 stuffed grape leaves for its upcoming Grecian Fest. The event not only feeds festivalgoers, but benefits the church's Open Door food ministry which feeds the community. Continue reading

A Distinguished West Virginian showcases a distinct West Virginia value

The Distinguished West Virginian award is not handed out freely. So, when former Rainelle Mayor Andrea “Andy” Pendleton was surprised with the honor July 2, it’s worth noting how she plans to to continue to help out, embodying an important West Virginia value. Continue reading

Boy Scout Jamboree showcases values integral to West Virginia

The three core promises in the Boy Scout oath are 'duty to God and country,' 'Duty to other people,' and 'Duty to self. Those values will be showcased in international fashion deep in West Virginia's heartland when the World Scout Jamboree come to Summit Bechtel Reserve in Fayette and Raleigh counties from July 22 to Aug. 22. Continue reading