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The Wheels on the Bus...

Morsels Of Truth Thursday, July 19. This morning I had the distinct pleasure of attending a session of the WV House of Delegates Supreme Court Impeachment Hearings. Unfortunately, there’s no punchline to that set up. Continue reading

Depletion & Pepperoni Rolls

Morsels Of Truth The state of West Virginia will pay $950 million this year to insure public employees through the Public Employee’s Insurance Agency (PEIA). That rate is projected to go up 5 or 6 percent every year. That’s an additional 50 or 60 million dollars a year, but of course that amount will rise. I’m not supposed to do math in public, but, near as I can figure, if the premiums go up 5% every year, than the state will be paying $2 billion dollars in a couple of decades. Continue reading

Sen. Manchin Uses Heimlich to Save Fellow Senator

Morsels Of Truth Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) performed the Heimlich maneuver on Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat from Missouri, when  Sen. McCaskill began choking at a meal attended by several senators. Continue reading

Benevolent Mothman

Morsels of Truth Photo Credit: WV Division of Culture & History “If I would have known that the guy in Clendenin was going to the bathroom in the port-a-potty every day and there really wasn’t anybody there to help him, but if I would have been sitting on the top of the dome 24-7, I wouldn’t have known about the guy in Clendenin.” -Governor Jim Justice, WV MetroNews Continue reading

Legalizing Marijuana

Morsels of Truth I grew up in the Nancy Reagan Just Say No era. I don’t do drugs, except the legal ones. I’m not positive recreational marijuana is great idea. I don’t want my kids smoking dope, or anything else. It seems like medical marijuana is a good idea for certain folks. Continue reading

For The People or Buy The People

Morsels Of Truth I could live anywhere. I’m fortunate that the nature of my job lets me pick where I want to live. And I want to live here. Continue reading