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Politicians Mostly Just Want to Eat and Procreate

It’s archery season, which means a lot of people in West Virginia are sitting in tree stands waiting for deer to happen by. It’s also election season. Continue reading

Voter ID Info (Video)

Post by WVStrong.Org.

Ten Huge Things the World Has Done While the WV House and Senate Have Not Impeached the WV Supreme Court

It’s been nearly a year since the debacle of the West Virginia Supreme Court impeachment process began it’s slow and as yet unresolved grind. Continue reading

Hard Way to Make a Buck in West Virginia

In the days after the Civil War there was an industrious West Virginian who went into the counterfeiting business. He began making and using his own US silver dollars. He was eventually visited by agents of US government who had tracked the counterfeit dollars back to the man. They did not arrest him, but they did tell him to stop minting his own silver dollars. The reason they did not arrest him is simple: He was using more silver in his counterfeit dollars than the government was, so his homemade money was worth more than the government sanctioned currency. Continue reading

Last Vet Standing: Lucky LSM 13 (Part 2)

If you haven't read Part One of Bil Lepp's "Last Vet Standing" interview with WWII Navy Veteran Glen Wise, click here. Part Two picks up where Part One left off, with Wise's LSM (Landing Ship Medium) carrying the 37th Infantry Artillery onto Purple Beach II, at Okinawa. We were part of a simultaneous landing, with infantry and tanks.  The first run in was always nip and tuck but the Navy had prepared the island for invasion.  A few days before the landing aircraft bombed and strafed the beaches, then battleships and cruisers would bombard the island from about 5:00 in the morning until kick off.  They just blasted the dickens out of everything there was. There were craters all over the place, they shot up the caves, everything. It must have been pretty unendurable for the Japs, being shot at all night and then attacked. Continue reading

Last Vet Standing: Lucky LSM 13 (Part 1)

LSM 13 landed wherever there was action: Wake, Enewetak, the Marshals, Guam, Saipan, Ulithi, Guadalcanal, Okinawa, and our ship was the first boat to land in Japan.  For two years straight we never stopped. In all that time we never suffered a single causality. I'd say 13 was pretty lucky. But most boats suffered quite a few casualties, mostly from mines or aircraft. Continue reading

Keeping Hopes and Dreams on Layaway at the Archery Store

I was in an archery shop in a West Virginia town that sees more than its share of poverty. There is a gas station, a Dollar General, and a hunting shop. Probably a bar and mechanic as well, but I didn’t see either. Maybe the mechanic was at the bar. Continue reading

Jesus, Water Tanks, and Rockwool’s Smoke Stacks Spewing Sulfuric Acid Mist

Morsels Of Truth: By Bil Lepp Imagine planning to build a big multiuse business park with greenspaces, shops, a transportation hub, restaurants and other pleasant business. This facility would employ up to eleven people an acre on about 300 acres of land. I wouldn’t really want to go there, but more sociable people than I find such places agreeable. It would theoretically entice people to move to West Virginia, provide jobs, benefit the economy and draw tourists. Continue reading

West Virginia’s Supreme Court Car Fire

We don’t always get the government we want, but is it too much to ask the government to be good, efficient and effective? Continue reading

Last Vet Standing: A Slightly Different War

This is another installment from my interviews with West Virginia veterans of World War II. It’s also loosely a Labor Day story, which is why I chose it for this week. As is so often the plight of West Virginians, even back in 1940, Bill Knuth wanted a job but couldn’t find one. It was the end of the Depression, but before the United States entered the war. So, Bill joined the army hoping to learn a trade and figuring he wouldn’t have to fight. He ended up being strafed by a Japanese Zero during Pearl Harbor. Continue reading