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Back To School

As WV Students, Teachers, and other School Support Staff head back into classrooms this month, many are looking back on the past year's strike and what has changed since then. 


"I just really wanted to continue on with my routine and be with my kids, but it was also really important to fight for what we deserved," said second-grade teacher, Christina Pizatella.

Since the start of the new school year is quickly approaching educators are looking at the strike as a bump in the road and trying not to let it impact them negatively.

Officials from Monongalia County Schools say their teachers were very well supported throughout the strike and that they were given the respect they rightfully deserved.

"Teachers across the state were very well supported because I think there's a true appreciation for what our professional educators do for our students in the classroom," said Dr. Eddie Campbell, the Superintendent for Monongalia County Schools.

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WV Teachers can be proud to know this year that their communities, and (hopefully) their leaders are listening to them, even if sometimes their students aren't the best at paying attention.

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