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Are They Really Listening?

Photo Credit: WVNews

The Governor's PEIA Task force kicked off their Statewide Listening tour with stops in Huntington & Point Pleasant. People of all ages came out and made their voices heard.

The message was clear: Working West Virginan's want PEIA fixed, and they're not happy with the ideas on the table. 

From WVNews

“The first thing that we need to do is have better legislative and gubernatorial leadership in Charleston. And I’m hoping and I’m praying that we will have that after the general election. We are working very hard at that,” Glover said before turning to face the other teachers in the room. “Get out and vote. Your vote is your weapon.”

Three other people, out of only a handful who signed up to speak, expressed concern about privatization.

Adam Culver, who has taught for 11 years now, wanted the task force to know how hard the health plan is for parents. He and his wife married just out of college, bought a house and started a family.

The health plan was great for his wife’s pregnancy the first time, he said. It covered everything and was affordable for the family’s budget. When she gave birth to their third child, who is now 5 years old, that changed.

“We watched the coverage fall away,” Culver said. “For the third son, there was a real question of, ‘Why the hell are we doing this?’ And for more than just the reasons of having another kid — there were financial questions. That was over the course of just six years that we watched it drop.”

Although the event was advertised as a listening tour, it's questionable how much "listening" actually happened. While many workers came out to express their views, according to WVNews, there were several missing members of the Governor's Task Force. 

From WVNews

Out of the 29-member task force, only four members showed up to the Huntington meeting. Mike Hall, the governor’s chief of staff, previously said that different members of the task force would attend different meetings so it wouldn’t be so burdensome to their schedules. 



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