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Another Mess To Clean Up

Our so-called leaders in Charleston have failed to protect us from illegal degradation of our drinking water sources. Their campaigns are supported with cash from people running the mines, not the people working in them in the towns downstream.

When something goes wrong, regulators may take action, but this is just a patch on a broken and corrupted system.


Earlier this month, the town of Helen got some scary news. A discharge pipe from a mine with "no responsible party" has been blackening their streams. With no one from the mine left to take responsibility for this mess, it will once again be up to West Virginians to feel the ill effects and foot the bill.

HELEN, WV (AP) - The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection says coal dust from an abandoned mine might be what's blackening a stream that runs through Helen.

The Register-Herald reports the agency says the discolored water staining the Berry Branch stream is coming from a discharge pipe from a Raleigh County mine that has no responsible party. While the discharge pipe has been found, agency workers on Monday were still looking for the underground cause of the discoloration.

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  • Denise Stracener
    commented 2019-03-22 14:46:51 -0400
    Grrrr. Stupid greedy pigs and that’s just our legislature I’m describing.