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A Home Cooked Meal Rising From The Flood Waters

It's been over 2 years since the historic 2014 West Virginia Floods, and the affected communities like Clendenin are still working on the long road to recovery. Herbert Hoover High School students are still sharing a building with Elkview Middle as they await construction on their new High School, not expected to be completed until at least 2021 (Source: WSAZ). But some Kanawha County Residents found opportunities in the aftermath of the floods to start their own businesses, filling needs left by the floods in their communities. 

One of the buildings damaged by the floods was a former Tudors and Gino's location. Local resident Michelle Parilac and her husband saw this as a chance to follow their dream of opening a restaurant and turned the old fast food spot into "a haven for people to relax from their busy lives, and to enjoy family time with good family cooking."

From WOWK:

Since March, Michelle has been working hard to build her dream restaurant.

She and her husband were looking at different locations, and they thought of Clendenin's old Gino's and Tudor's building.

As a result of the incredible flooding from the historic 2016 floods, the building needed its interior completely replaced be ready to be a restaurant after it was destroyed - including new wiring, new plumbing, new heat as well as air conditioning. Thanks to O.V. Smith and Sons, their dreams became a reality.

"It feels good. We've worked really hard and I think the people of this town are going to appreciate it. For the last two to two and a half years, we have tried to come back from the flood and rebuild, and a lot of people have moved out. And hopefully this will bring some more people in and bring them back home", remarked Michelle.

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