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2% Milk Fat Can Win the Election

Once there was a town that had ten eligible voters.

One person in the town wanted to pass a law that everybody had to wear neon, terry cloth headbands twenty-four hours a day.

It’s important to note that there was no law against wearing neon, terry cloth headbands. Anybody who wanted to wear one could wear one. Nobody was forced to wear one. But somebody wanted to pass a law so everyone had to wear one.

They decided to vote on it.

Three voters loved the idea of wearing neon, terry cloth headbands.

Seven voters hated the idea.

Election day came along and only five voters showed up to vote.

Three voted for the headbands.

Two voted against.

Five people thought their vote didn’t matter so they didn’t vote.

Now everyone in town has to wear neon, terry cloth headbands twenty-four hours a day.

If one more anti-headband voter had shown up, the election would have been a tie.

If two more had shown up, nobody would have to wear the headbands.

But three people got to make the rules for everyone else because the others simply didn’t show up.

30% of the voters made the rules for 70% of the voters.

Does that seem fair?

In West Virginia we are lucky if 40% of voters vote.

So in West Virginia if only 21% of the voters vote for something, then 79% of us have to live with it.

That also means that if a mere 2% more eligible voters voted in West Virginia we could change everything.


Like your milk. 2%.

When you pour milk on your cereal this election day, think about the fact that the fat percentage in your milk could sway the vote. (That’s not true, cause milk fat can’t vote, but think about it. 2% isn’t much.)

That’s your vote. And a few other people’s votes. But let’s start with your vote.   

Your vote counts.

Your vote matters.

The moral?

That’s obvious.

Neon, terry cloth headbands are awesome and everyone should have to wear them.

Bil Lepp is a nationally renowned storyteller and a PEN Award winning author. To see more of Bil's WV Strong content click here. 

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