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    Put to the Test in West Virginia

    As businesses begin to open up and America passes more than 100,000 fatalities, West Virginians are being urged to do the right thing for their families and communities and get tested. Free Covid-19 testing is now being rolled out across West Virginia. A recent testing site in Huntington WV, sought to encourage more testing by people in low-income communities in the Mountain State hit hard by the virus. This video gives an up-close look at what public testing looks like in West Virginia. facebook.com/WVStrong.Org/videos/247311256543525/ PHOTO IMAGE (Courtesy WestVirginiaVille.com): Cabell-Huntington Health Department physician director Dr. Michael Kilkenny and Bishop Pastor Charles Shaw of the Huntington Black Pastors Association look toward free Covid-19 testing that took place last weekend in the heart of Huntington's African-American community. The drive-up and walk-up testing was an attempt to get the measure of the impact of the virus, especially on low-income communities. VIDEO: A co-production of WVStrong.org and WestVirginiaWille.com
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    VIDEO: Too Few Masks? West Virginians take matters into their own hands

    When it became clear public officials had not planned for enough facemasks to protect frontline workers in the Covid-19 pandemic, hundreds of resourceful volunteers from West Virginia got to work sewing masks at home to help nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, and coronavirus relief efforts stay safe on the job. More than 13,000 masks later, they are still hard at it ... For more on the group's efforts and to volunteer money, time or your own sewing skills, visit WestVirginiaMaskArmy.com https://www.facebook.com/WVStrong.Org/videos/259774278511687/ IMAGE: From Bobby Lee Messer video
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    Out of school, WV kids still being fed by their schools

    The pandemic has put students out of school and away from meals many rely upon. But West Virginia school staff and county boards of education are stepping up to prep and share meals that are driven by bus drivers to keep children fed, often stopping by the side of the road in rural West Virginia. https://www.facebook.com/WVStrong.Org/videos/2820967201354694/ IMAGE: Screen shot from video
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    VIDEO: Making Cupcakes and Making It in the Mountain State

    From the streets of Charleston, W.Va., to her home in Rand, W.Va., Kim Walker Payne plans to pay off her mortgage selling cupcakes and cobblers. This video profile is part of the WVStrong.org video series "Making It In the Mountain State."
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